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Biome Medic SupplementFor most health problems, nature provides a solution. The human body is miraculous; given correct nutrient support systems, the body will win! Proper nutrition and supplementation allows the body to grow, maintain health, repair itself, fight infection, reduce inflammation and free radicals. Unfortunately, due to faster farming methods in our industrial world, the soil is not being turned over for greater nutrient density, and our food quality has not been the same for 40 years. And on top of all that, Monsanto has destroyed our food quality to no end. Most of the foods we eat today have Glysophate, a Round-Up toxic chemical agent, that is injected into the crop to rid bugs, but is causing xenoestrogen exposure and cancer. In fact, in summer 2018, Monsanto awarded just one person $289 million who now has cancer. But now, there is a company out there who has done the leg work to combat the poisonous chemical agent. Purium, has developed a product, Biome Medic, that will pull out Glysophate from the body and rid the body of this lethal agent.

I recommend everyone to at least try the product at a BIG discount. If you eat out a lot and do not eat organic foods, I highly encourage you to stay on the product.

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