Heavy Metal Poisoning

Heavy Metal Poisoning or high toxic levels of heavy metals are becoming more and more prevalent. Heavy metals are commonly misdiagnosed. Because we live in a more polluted culture, we need to be very concerned with any environmental toxicity issue. The medical profession is aware of toxicity issues, but not to the extent of diagnosing and treating heavy metal toxicity. Usually, symptoms are treated without considering the possibility of toxic poisons.

Eighteen months ago, I became ill. I had a ski accident resulting in a closed head injury (head trauma). Everything felt broken inside of me. The doctors were great at diagnosing symptoms such as hypothyroidism, low production of hormones and neurological dysfunction. I was put on medication, but I was not completely convinced the problem was solved.

Two months after becoming ill, I was tested for mercury poisoning. It was so clear I was having a heavy metal toxicity issue that was not being addressed. The symptoms were very subtle for so many years that it took a head trauma to exasperate my condition. Becoming focused on the goal, to rid my body of several metals including mercury, was no easy task.

I became my very own health detective. I researched anything and everything on the computer. I considered myself a “guinea pig.” I set up before and after test results. I used different testing modalities including vapor tests, blood tests, urine tests, hair analysis test and different dental tests. I was consumed! My goal was to feel normal again and not accept my fate.

Heavy metals attack all areas of the body.  The immune system usually is the first to go. Frequent colds and flu like symptoms occur. Chronic fatigue or cold sores are signs of a weakened immune system. The brain and spinal cord are next. The loss of memory, confusion and disorientation are dysfunctions of the brain. Orthopedic problems with the spine as well as other joints of the body resulting in pain, stiffness and weakened ligaments and tendons are common occurrences. The hormonal systems including the endocrine (thyroid, pituitary, adrenal), insulin and sex hormones become imbalanced and play havoc with one’s weight, cholesterol and blood pressure.

Heavy metals, also, attack the digestive system in which nutrients do not absorb and enzymes have a difficult time breaking down food called Dysbiosis and there is diminish secretion of stomach acid called Hypochlorhydria. When these two dysfunctions occur, the stomach becomes bloated and enlarged. Many individuals feel they have grown a large stomach due to a lack of exercise and poor diet. This is only half of it. If the body is not properly absorbing the nutrients in the form of vitamins and minerals, then the entire body will not work normally. One dysfunction is traded for another resulting in kidney stones and gallbladder problems.

Besides mercury/silver fillings being toxic, I learned root canal teeth and pulled teeth as in wisdom teeth called Cavitations are also highly toxic and create an infection throughout the body causing even more health problems. The extraction of the root canal teeth and the surgical removal of the Cavitations allow the body to easily rid the heavy metals.

I have learned so much; more than I ever thought I would have learned. Education is costly, but well worth the price for optimal health. I encourage all of you to work side by side with several health care professionals, get on the Internet, educate yourselves and be persistent! Best wishes.

Optimal Wellness Solutions, LLC