The Benefits of Bionutrition

This article is in conjunction with June’s article about Free Radicals and Oxidative Stress.

Many of us do not realize the aging process starts when we are in our twenties. We believe, at a young age, we are resilient to any infection, chronic dysfunction or disease.
For some, this may be true, but for many of us this is where a slow and subtle progression of symptoms begin to occur.

I would like to use the analogy that Dr. Ray Strand has used in his book, Bionutrition: Winning the War Within. red cloud . You are sitting in front of a wood burning fireplace in your living room watching the flames and hearing and seeing the popping cinders. Now, imagine there is no protective screen preventing the cinders to pop onto the nice rug that lies in front of the fireplace. As time goes on, without the protective screen, eventually the cinders will burn many holes in the rug. The popping cinders are the free radicals and the rug is the DNA in our body. The protective screen is the antioxidant vitamins in the form of fruits, vegetables and supplements and will help prevent oxidative stress.

By getting adequate daily vitamins and minerals greater than the RDA, we will prevent chronic disease and we will live a long, optimal life. By focusing on the nutritional aspect of our diet, we will change the behavioral expression of the genetic (phenotype) DNA. If we support our cell dysfunction due to our genetic disposition, we will combat the aging and disease process. card balance We will slow down the process and create an environment that will not influence our genetic disposition. We vwill do this by changing the biochemistry in our bodies with nutritional supplementation.

By preventing free radical damage in our DNA cells, we will prevent Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease, and Immune and Nuerological dysfunction diseases. I encourage all you to educate yourself, seek professional guidance through a Certified Clinical Nutritionist and to persistent! Best wishes in your quest for optimal health!

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