The Poor Egg got a Bad Rap

The media truly plays a significant role on how we view and conduct our nutritional habits. For years, the medical community told us to stay away from eggs—they were high in cholesterol and they promoted heart disease. There is no concrete evidence that “an egg” can be so destructive with our health.

There are so many people, now, fed up with the way they feel and look, they are turning to drastic measures. For instance, The Atkins Diet in which Dr. Atkins promotes eating a high protein with fat and low carbohydrate diet has many, many individuals benefiting from the concept. The “egg” with butter has true healing properties.

Lipid or fat metabolism is comprised through the components of lipoproteins called “Aproproteins (ApoE).” ApoE is responsible in assisting those enzymes that promote lipid metabolism, to participate in the cell to cell distribution and redistribution of cholesterol both the HDL (the good cholesterol) and VLDL and to escort the cholesterol through and out of the body. In other words, ApoE is helpful in disposing of additional cholesterol overload.

By adding eggs to the diet on a consistent basis, there is an increase activity of ApoE benefiting both the thyroid gland and sustained insulin levels. A high process carbohydrate diet will stunt the production of ApoE. This is why The Atkins Diet works very well, initially, for most individuals.

Another benefit to eating eggs and stimulating the ApoE production is that ApoE allows heavy metals to be picked up and removed from the nerve cells and the brain. This concept is significantly important for those individuals who are experiencing Alzheimer’s symptoms. Another consideration which has been scrutinized by the media is that eggs play a protective role in Coronary Artery Disease(CAD). So, if you are deficient in ApoE production then chances are you will have both CAD and Alzheimer’s if you have the genetic link. This genetic link will, also, contribute to a predisposition to heavy metal (particularly mercury) burden in the body and can be passed on to future generations.

The reason the media has given the “egg” a bad rap is that there is about 20% of the population sensitive to eggs in regard to their biochemistry. Instead of addressing ways in which this population can resolve their health issues, the media and medical community promoted eggs as being a health risk to everyone. By doing so, there is more health dysfunction, now, than ever before.

Free Radical Damage and Oxidative Stress which is promoted by a high acidic environment in the body will contribute to CAD, Alzheimer’s and so many other diseases. When the body substitutes one Amino Acid (the building blocks of protein)–Arginine for another Amino Acid—Cysteine, heavy metals will do more damage than if the body had the proper ApoE isoform in which the amino acid, Cysteine, will protect against brain metals whereas the Arginine would raise the risk of Alzheimer’s.

Arginine is responsible for nitric oxide(NO)  production which benefits the fight in infection and smooth muscle relaxation with the heart (reduce the chance of Angina). By having a lack of NO there is no fat stimulation which is needed to metabolize triglyceride fats and then this is why our population is having a blood sugar and obesity problem.

To combat Free Radical Damage and Oxidative Stress in the body, supplementing with an intracellular antioxidant, Glutathione, will promote a healthy brain and heart. Foods rich in Glutathione are asparagus, lamb, veal, parsley and avocado. Also, you can take L-Glutathione supplement only in its reduced form and is best used when opening the capsules and mixing with water.

It is very important to have the proper balance of Arginine, Cysteine, Glutathione, and Lipase Enzymes. Working with a Certified Clinical Nutritionist who will be able to recommend proper supplementation from reading the full blood chemistry report will insure your health safety as well as be able to determine if “eggs” will benefit you. I encourage all of you to find out if you are a lucky one to benefit from eating “eggs.”  Good luck in your quest for optimal health!

The information in this article was provided by Sam Queen of the Institute for Health Realities. He is a Certified Clinical Nutritionist in the local area as well as one of the leading medical researchers in the Country.

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