To buck the system or not—that is the question

It’s shortly after Easter and many thoughts run around in my mind. Jesus Christ lived during a time where conformity was a true norm. But really, have the times changed? Most of us just follow the pack without giving any consideration of what is possible and REAL!

We are living in exciting times and the ones’ who are excited are the non-conformist! We have so much knowledge, awareness and freedom to do as we wish, but you have to know where to go in order to reap the benefits. Many say, “ well I couldn’t possibly do that because……” But really now, is it fear holding you back or ignorance? Either way, you’re stuck!

It’s safe to say, now, the American Dental Association (ADA) has been scamming us for many decades. The ADA has known about the detriments of the toxic metal materials that your dentist put in your mouth. The ADA does not want lawsuits and is quietly changing the protocols Dentists need to follow. Unfortunately, it is at the expense of all those individuals who are having chronic health problems and are not relating their problems to the highly toxic metals in their mouths. Amalgams (mercury silver fillings), root canals and cavitations (necrotic, dead and dying bone) are true culprits to chronic degenerative diseases.

Congresswoman Diane Watson and Congressman Dan Burton have been anti-amalgam activists for some time. Diane Watson just recently submitted a Bill to Congress condemning the use of mercury in a dental filling. Numerous studies have shown dental mercury exposure to the unborn fetus as well as through the mother’s breast milk, damage to the brain (human nerve cells) and neurological system, damage to the immune system and Alzheimer’s disease.

Dentist using mercury amalgams put over 30 tons of mercury per year in human mouths. Mercury is a persistent, bioaccumulative toxin that poses a risk on human health as well as the environment. Dental mercury is the greatest source of mercury entering the sewage waste treatment systems. When the dentist drills down the old mercury filling to replace with a new filling either amalgam or white composite, it’s the drilling down of the filling that causes the most damage. The vaporized metal material becomes methyl mercury and is highly toxic to inhale or digest; two components occurring while you are sitting in the chair. This is one REAL reason dentist’s have the highest suicide rate out of any other profession. Mercury really destroys one’s brain and decision making function.

Many people have tremendous psychiatric problems. I wonder how many are toxic with heavy metals? This is where you buck the system. For those of you who are experiencing anything weird and unexplained by your doctor, take action. There are simple blood and urine tests that will recognize a heavy metal exposure. All you need to do is ask. The urine test is called a Heavy Metal Body Burden Urine Challenge test. This test identifies about 25 different metals. Another test which does not need a prescription is a Hair Analysis test. Many DOs and Naturopathic Doctors will be familiar with your request.
Good luck in your non-conformity!

Optimal Wellness Solutions, LLC