Energy Anatomy

The greatest gift anyone can give this planet is to be “the healthiest you.” The relationship between you, your family, co-workers and friends depends upon how you feel, how you perceive others and yourself and your reaction to anything.

Energy Anatomy is the study of the human body’s inborn energetic system. This system is made up of several components including the role of healing, the relationship to others on a spiritual level and energetic matter. The energy is harnessed as the life force of the universe in what the Chinese call “Chi” or the Indians call “Prana.” This energy is distributed in our bodies called bioelectric circuitry known as the “Chakras.” “Chakra” meaning “wheel” allows the flow of “Chi” or “Prana” energy through the physical body, cleansing and restoring “the self.”

When we are out of balance mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually, we are working against the natural energy flow of the body. This is when illness develops.  Nothing happens by chance. When we become sick, we are given a sign from GOD.

Most of us choose to give away our energetic power to institutions, to mask our symptoms with drugs, to allow our energy to be depleted. We do have a choice; we need to become empowered. NO MORE BANDAIDS!

I have had a motto for twenty-five years—“A Healthy Body Yields to a Healthy Mind.” You cannot have one without the other. The mind and the heart are also connected and without this connection there is no power, no energy, no healing. In the “Chakra” system, the heart (love) is Jesus Christ and the mind (reality) is Buddha. Destructive thought or critical judgment is not of value and there is no honor and respect. If we live without forgiving, we become ill in all aspects of our life.

When we are grateful and we have a strong will, our body is energized and healing is magnified 100 times. This energy field is located at the crown of the head with a powerful spiritual connection. This connection transmits light to GOD and in return there is grace and guidance. Learn to read signals—do not lose power to someone or something. Do not hold onto the past, this will impede you and your prayers for wellness.

We are much more than our physical body. By tapping into our energy fields, we will be one, we will honor one another and ourselves, we will love through the divine power (GOD) and surrender our personal will, and we will seek only the truth which will allow us to live in the present moment. By taking control of your personal health, you will become more loving, more spiritual and you will have optimal health!

The Science of Personal Power, Spirituality, and Health was developed by Dr. Caroline Myss, Ph.D, the author of Anatomy of the Spirit. I have briefly shared her work with you. I encourage all of you to learn more about Energy Anatomy from Dr. Myss’s work. Best wishes and God Bless you.

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