That Aging Process is all in your Mind

You never know how sick you are, until you become well. We go through life taking care of our daily routine—taking care of the children, going to work, reading the newspaper, eating meals on the run, and we don’t pay much attention to the BIG PICTURE.

We never think of our body in the same way as our car. If something goes wrong with the car, an odd noise, a stutter, fluid leakage, we bring the car to the mechanic and the car is fixed in a timely manner. Now, our body starts doing weird things, not too obvious and we just let it go and go and go, until something very serious goes wrong. We always say “oh, that’s nothing, it’s just that we are getting older”. This is not accurate.

We need to think of our body in a different way. We only have one body and we cannot trade it in for a new model. When something goes wrong in the slightest way, we need to pay attention and take the little problem seriously, so not to end up down the road with a bigger problem.

All the systems of the body work together and function as a whole. When one part of the body is in dis-ease, it’s only a matter of time before more parts become dysfunctional. Taking care of individual ailments is not going to solve the root cause; it’s just a Band-aid and a temporary means.

Each person needs to discover for themselves what is going wrong with their body. By taking action to research on the internet possible causes to your pain, fatigue, emotional state and injury, you will be better equipped to discuss many options with your health care provider. Educate yourselves so you can make an accurate decision on the care of your body. Get second and third opinions. Be persistent and don’t allow the practitioner to intimidate you—you are paying for their service. You are in charge.

By discovering the root cause to your health challenges, you will stop the aging process. You will, also, alleviate many of those nagging problems and you will feel better and look younger. Each day will have a different awareness of clarity, enthusiasm and renewal. I wish all of you tremendous success on your personal discovery of the “Fountain of Youth!”

Optimal Wellness Solutions, LLC